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Quynh Nguyen

My husband and I have known Ms. Tran for over 15 years. She helped
us to sell and buy six properties. With her knowledge and
understanding of the local market and actual property values, she
guided us step by step to complete successful sales and purchases. Ms.
Tran is admired for her honesty and sincerity. She is a hard worker, a
reliable real estate broker that we can trust to put our properties on
her hands. She always listened to our requests, but explained to us so
that our requests were within the reality. Like other real estate
brokers, Ms. Tran works on her commissions. But, commission is not
everything to her. Sometimes she credited part of her commission to us
so that the transaction can be completed successfully. Ms. Tran always
respected our decisions. She never rushed us into any transaction that
it was not in our favor. Finally, Ms. Tran works very well with the
escrow companies. That saved us thousands of dollars when closing our
escrows. We highly recommend Ms. Tran to you as your real estate